Friday, September 7, 2012

Fruit Blog - POMELLOS

Well kids, this is it, the end of 'Fruit Blog'. The critics said it would never end. The worst of them said it never began. They said that our gang would be trapped in this existential hell forever, condemned to talking about fruit in a sleazy hotel room with a deranged former child star until housekeeping or the police put an end to their depraved shenanigans. But the critics were wrong. 'Fruit Blog' is over or more precisely has finally gone to seed.

It seems appropriate somehow that Fruit Blog would exit this world with an episode dedicated to a member of the citrus family because let's face it, the citrus genus is the everyman of fruit. It can be sweet like an orange when life is good, tart like a grapefruit when it bites back and downright sour like a lemon when it sucks.

Our final episode tackles the pomello, the grapefruits more thick-skinned cousin. Hopes are high as Scott attacks the yellowish orb with a bowie knife. After their year of bad produce will the gang finally get lucky and actually get something they can eat or will it be another in a series of gastric disappointments? It's hard to say but the passed out cast members and general air of dissipation does not bode well for a dignified departure.

Enough said. You'll have to see for yourself. For now it's time to say goodbye to all my loyal fruit flies. Thank you for watering our creation. The seed has been planted. Let's see what grows from it.


  1. This whole blog is fucking amazing! Well done Scott & friends. <3

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  3. Amazing! I started a exotic fruit web series on youtube a couple months ago and decided to see if anyone else had the idea... I am now humbled. I am also a big fan of yours. Sad to hear that you won't be making any more of these. I will watch your videos and hope that some of their magic will inspire me.

  4. Love this crazy stuff - where did you come up with it? The deranged former child star? Pure genius!
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